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Agile Insights

Create Transparency around progress,
scope changes and resulting financial impacts.

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Get one single
view of spend and value

YäRKEN Agile Insights
gives you key insights for agile development
and delivery into your products, services and applications.

Create transparency in product releases

Track progress, scope changes and resulting financial impacts.

Collaborate and approve

View value by translating business objectives into measurable outcomes at an operational level.

Facilitate data-driven conversations

Create accountability at all levels of the organisation, faster autonomous and empowered teams.

Start tracking and reporting value at an Operational Level

A value matrix by Agile value stream is provided by YäRKEN with a breakdown of value delivered, value outstanding, and an estimate of the remaining value to be delivered. IT and Finance teams can promote data-driven discussions with the business on agile features and releases linked to spend.


Achieve transparency for your feature costing

Calculate the scrum team spend by linking labour spend (internal/external) to agile feature delivery. YäRKEN provides a repeatable framework for agile teams to express and measure value.


Understand where overspending is occurring

Organisations fund annual projects in waterfall mode, while development teams work in sprints and plan work in backlogs. YäRKEN allows you to manage multiple projects and product spend linked to value enabling agility and accuracy for the business.


Understand a single-pane view of spend and value for your agile development.