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Understand Application Total Cost of
Ownership through defensible cost drivers that
help identify optimization opportunities to scale
up, reduce cost, or better manage consumption.


Get a single view
of applications by TCO

YäRKEN Advanced builds on YäRKEN Foundation so you can report on more complex scenarios across IT.

Identify your application footprint

Clearly understand what each application does, who uses it, and any known direct vendor cost through contract assignments.

Understand your app TCO and usage

Aligning direct labour and consumption with server assets, support tickets, and deprecation to clearly understand an application’s total cost of ownership.

Consolidate applications and align it to your business strategy

Reduce the portfolio to only those applications you truly need, reducing resource costs for support and development.

Get a single view of your categorized applications

Consolidate all apps into a single view in order to gain transparency across all applications. YäRKEN allows IT and Finance teams to view a summary of the organization’s financial data with the option of drilling into details when desired and having the financial details they need to quickly respond to inquiries from the business.


Understand application cost drivers and consumption

YäRKEN Advanced allows executives to uncover application cost drivers and enable trade-off conversations with business stakeholders. Executives have quick visibility into what consumes the IT budget and what drives the consumption, enabling trade-off conversations to engage team members.

Optimize strategies based on App TCO calculations

YäRKEN splits your infrastructure cost between virtual and on premise so you can drive your IT environment strategy by allocating costs to the right areas in order to optimise spend.

IT and Finance teams can confidently respond to senior leadership questions regarding trends, variances, and projections.