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Empower your cost center owners with IT budgeting that is transparent, simple, and cost center driven.


YäRKEN for Finance

If you are in Finance, dealing with IT spend is time-consuming and opaque making it difficult to hold cost centre owners accountable for run costs.

You need: Trustworthy data for Charges and Recovery & Accurate and timely financial reporting.

Typically you are doing activities like:
  • Financial reporting, including budget, forecast, actuals, variance and trending.
  • Understanding and explaining variance from plan.
  • Closing the books.
  • Define and defend IT allocations and chargeback processes.
  • Executive reporting for IT investments.
  • Drive budget development and reconciliation.
YäRKEN’s SaaS platform will enable you to:
  • Have the financial details you need to quickly respond to questions from the business.
  • Confidently respond to senior leadership questions regarding trends, variances and projections.
  • Have insight into the ratio of fixed vs variable expenses across IT departments and your entire organization.
  • Enable you to isolate questionable financial data and errors if they arise.
  • Hold IT leaders responsible for spend versus budget.
  • Ensure Vendor spend aligns with budget.
  • Proactively manage contract terminations and renewals.
  • Identify redundant vendor spend and potential spend reductions.

Learn more about our products:


YäRKEN Foundation

The easiest way to optimise digital spend and standardise reporting across IT and Business.


YäRKEN Advanced

Understand App TCO and your cost drivers to provide defensible showback spend to the wider business.