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Cloud Business Lens - Moving beyond FinOps

See Your Cloud Spend Clearly : Get the Right Focus with Cloud Business Lens.

The adoption of multiple cloud services has increased the complexity of managing and optimising cloud spend. This can be a challenge for organisations with diverse business units, applications, and services. 

To address this issue, YäRKEN has developed Cloud Business Lens, a comprehensive cloud spend management solution that aggregates all cloud spend, including additional costs such as labour, software license fees, and shared costs.

Cloud Business Lens integrates with FinOps solutions and extends into Technology Business Management (TBM) all in one platform focused solely on cloud.

Cloud Business Lens provides transparency on overall spend to manage and operate in the Cloud.  This ‘show back’ of all cloud spend enables Infrastructure managers to have the single source of truth on multiple spend dimensions for the cloud.

The Need for Cloud Spend Management

Accurately tracking and managing cloud spend has become a critical task as more organisations embrace cloud computing. This is particularly true for those who utilise multiple cloud vendors, pricing models, contracts, and payment methods. Without proper cloud spend management, organisations risk overspending and running into financial inefficiencies.

Furthermore, moving to the cloud requires a deep understanding of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), as software, networking, and other resources like labour remain constant, if not increasing, over time. 

YäRKEN's Cloud Business Lens provides organisations with the necessary tools to gain control over cloud spend and achieve cost savings.

Empower Your Cloud Journey : Gain Control, Make Better Decisions

With Cloud Business Lens, organisations can:

Facilitate collaboration

Cloud Business Lens provides visibility into costs to enable organisations to share information and collaborate on cloud spend management activities, ensuring that all stakeholders have access to the latest information.

Defensible cost analysis

YäRKEN provides companies with defensible data, enabling them to better understand the impact of their cloud investments on their business. This information allows organisations to make informed decisions about their cloud spend, ensuring that they are maximizing their return on investment. With defensible data at their disposal, organisations can have confidence in their cloud spend management strategy and can allocate resources more effectively to other business areas.

Track additional data

Cloud Business Lens provides visibility into all aspects of your cloud investment. This includes important information such as labour costs, which are often hidden and can impact your bottom line. Understand the true cost of operating in the cloud and be empowered to make informed decisions that drive your business forward.

Navigate Your Cloud with Confidence and Unlock Its Full Potential

Our platform helps organisations understand the variability of their cloud spend through clear and defendable data that identifies the applications driving costs. This information is key for infrastructure managers who need to communicate the value of cloud investment back to the business.

Get setup in 30 minutes and connect your datasets from your cloud provider.


See your Cloud spend in a whole new light with YäRKEN Cloud Business Lens

Our platform acts as a lens, providing you with clear and reliable data that connects the dots between IT and Business. Whether you are looking to control costs, make better investment decisions, or understand the impact of your cloud spend on your business, Cloud Business Lens gives you the insights you need to make informed decisions. Utilising TBM enables our platform to take your FinOps practice to the next level with YäRKEN.

Additionally, Cloud Business Lens is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it accessible for all types of users, from infrastructure managers to C-suite executives.

Solve the Cloud Cost enigma and get ready to see your cloud spend in a whole new way with Cloud Business Lens.


Take Control of
your Cloud spend.