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Transparent Reporting

Utilising YäRKEN’s repeatable and defendable vendor reporting for IT saves time for procurement, finance and IT.

One system provides all stakeholders with real-time data analysis and insights into IT Vendor spend.


YäRKEN for Procurement

If you are in Procurement you want to understand how IT is performing, especially in relation to vendor spend to ensure you can manage vendor relations.

You need:

  • Trustworthy data to negotiate better contracts that are aligned to business value.
Typically you are doing activities like:
  • Negotiating contracts for goods and services.
  • Managing the platform used for asset and contract management.
  • Vendor relationships.
  • Asset lifecycle management.
YäRKEN’s SaaS platform will enable you to:
  • Have the information you need to identify opportunities for vendor consolidation.
  • Report on asset inventories and their costs.
  • Identify legacy technology costs from internal software development.
  • Assist IT leadership with the managing the asset refresh cycle.
  • See the impact of multi-year contracts and lease rates.
  • Ensure Vendor spend aligns with budget.
  • Proactively manage contract terminations and renewals.
  • Identify redundant vendor spend and potential spend reductions.

Learn more about our products: 


YäRKEN Foundation

The easiest way to optimise digital spend and standardise reporting across IT and Business.


YäRKEN Advanced

Understand App TCO and your cost drivers to provide defensible showback spend to the wider business.