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Effortlessly manage your Cloud expenses with the most intuitive platform​

Make informed Cloud investment decisions knowing you have total transparency of your Cloud Ecosystem spend. ​


Gain clarity on your cloud spend and ensure maximum ROI on every cloud dollar spent​


Uncover the true cost of your Cloud ecosystem by incorporating shared and hidden costs.​



Get better terms from your cloud providers through monitoring cost and usage. ​



Maximize ROI and strategically plan to ensure your Cloud investments align with your business objectives.


Centralized multi-Cloud spend management​

Utilise a standardised taxonomy across multiple cloud providers to view expenditure by service categories.​

multi provider

Uncover the hidden cost of Cloud ​​

Supplement your Cloud provider bill with supporting costs such as shared (security, compliance) and hidden expenditures (labor) to truly grasp the TCO for your Cloud environment.


Understand Value​​​

Gain insights on cloud benefits, capture migration assumptions, and enhance cross-business collaboration.​

Features Delivered

Connect the dots.

Streamline your Cloud expenses effortlessly​