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Public service cutbacks: NZ startup YäRKEN primed to help.

The NZ Herald article from December 6, 2023, discusses YäRKEN, an Auckland-based software startup offering a platform to optimize IT spending in line with New Zealand's goal to reduce public service costs by 6.5%. Founded by entrepreneur Ravi Kuppan, YäRKEN aims to address the financial challenges of digitalization and cloud migration. It has already been adopted by organizations like the NZ Defence Force, demonstrating cost-saving effectiveness. YäRKEN is expanding through partnerships and pilot projects with government departments, focusing on enhancing IT spending transparency and efficiency.
Read the full article by Chris Keall here:: Public service cutbacks: NZ startup Yarken primed to help - NZ Herald

YäRKEN launches in EMEA.

The YäRKEN SaaS platform addresses key FinOps challenges, including Cloud Forecasting and TCO, and Cloud Cost Showback. With super-fast ease of implementation our focus is on surfacing the value of Cloud investments for mid-market, enterprises and government organizations
After 18 months of development and acquisition of early customers and partners, YäRKEN has appointed Colin Gray, SVP EMEA to drive customer and partner growth across the region.
If you or your customers have a challenge with understanding your Cloud cost drivers and value, get in touch!

Conference 2022 - Pitch Perfect winners

Yarken wins Pitch Perfect at the Financial Services Conference 2022.

Unpacking the black box of IT spending

Business Desk has highlighted the importance of IT cost transparency and how companies can use defensible data as a repeatable process.

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YäRKEN Foundation

The easiest way to optimise digital spend and standardise reporting across IT and Business.


YäRKEN Advanced

Understand App TCO and your cost drivers to provide defensible showback spend to the wider business.