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Optimize All IT Costs, Not Just Cloud!

Many organizations focus on cloud cost optimization but overlook other critical areas. Legacy systems like mainframes and Unix platforms, as well as licenses and labor costs, also need attention. YäRKEN helps you:

  • Legacy Systems: Optimize costs for mainframes and Unix platforms.
  • Other Platforms: Review and streamline on-premises servers, storage, and networking.
  • Licenses and Labor: Audit software licenses and manage internal and external labor costs efficiently.

By adopting a holistic approach, YäRKEN ensures you capture the full spectrum of costs, leading to smarter investments and greater business value.

Ingest All Data

Many Business Cases fail. Yours doesn’t have to.

As organizations leverage cloud-enabled services, many don’t get the benefits they expected. They struggle to align investment with business value because they’re not capturing the full spectrum of costs. And that’s costing them...

Cost Transparency-1

The hidden cost of cloud and why multi-cloud is tripping companies up

The challenge doesn’t come in adopting cloud, but in effectively managing multiple providers, and understanding the true cost of cloud-enabled services from build to BAU.

Double Up

Wrestling with mismanaged cloud tags is like trying to solve a puzzle with missing pieces, leading to obscured cost insights.

Shared Cost Confusion

Shared use of cloud resources complicates cost allocation - making accurate showback & chargeback a nightmare.

Pie Chart

Fixating on cost rather than value can lead to short-sighted decisions that compromise long-term gains.

Accountability Evasion

Without clear visibility on spend, accountability is challenging and it quickly becomes a wild west.


Focussing solely on cloud cost? You’re missing the mammoth share of the cost spectrum.

Tech Sprawl

More cloud services, more chaos. Tech sprawl leads to redundant tools, underused resources & cost overruns.

“YäRKEN allows our team to rapidly configure client use cases (e.g Vendor Spend, App TCO, Showback), enabling faster time to value. The Yarken solution provides an extremely flexible, yet powerful, Cost Transparency platform that gets to the heart of our client’s needs to align IT expenditure with the business, and to use these insights to surface and quantify business value outcomes. As a result our clients achieve a fast Return on Investment (ROI) and a sustainable basis on which to optimise IT spend.“

Kim Gordon
Managing Partner, Ara Digital

From Data to Decisions with YäRKEN

See all your tech investments, services and tools through a single pane of glass to understand and defend their value and drive strategic, informed decisions


Say Goodbye to Cloud Cost Confusion and Hello to YäRKEN

Strategically manage budgets and enhance financial literacy across teams as you
drive informed decisions and translate all your tech investments into tangible business value.

Cost Allocation

Manual, error-prone allocation leading to inaccurate budgeting and forecasting

Automated, precise allocation that streamlines budgeting and increases forecasting accuracy


Struggles of managing cost and performance across different cloud platforms

Efficient management across clouds with integrated tools for cost and performance optimization


Overlooked or inaccurately assigned labor costs affecting budget accuracy

Clear tracking and allocation of labor costs for accurate budgeting and cost control

Cost Optimization

Inefficient use of resources and missed opportunities due to limited visibility into spend

Strategic insights that enable targetted cost-saving measured and efficient use of resources

Unit Economics

Lack of detailed metrics hindering effective pricing strategies

Precise unit metrics that support, pricing decisions and profitability

License Spend

Unmonitored license spend, resulting in unused resources and financial waste

Optimized license management, aligned with actual usage to avoid financial waste


Inconsistent categorization of data, leading to confusion and reporting inefficiencies

Standardized data categorization, which enhances analysis and reporting


Investments not being linked to outcomes because cost and value are not considered within the same system

Simplified investment decisions based on cost and value both expressed on a single dashboard within the platform

Data Sources

Fragmented and siloed data sources hindering comprehensive analysis

Aligned IT, Finance, and Business data to show both spend and value

Decision Making

Suboptimal outcomes due to decisions based only on the up-front costs and not the business value

Data-driven decisions based on full TCO considering both cost and value

Connect the dots.

Streamline your Cloud expenses effortlessly​

Business Unit Consumption

Precise business unit metrics allow showback and chargeback of cost to the service consumers



Efficiently normalize and manage spend across multiple cloud providers

On-Prem Infrastructure

Supplement cloud costs with On-Prem infrastructure costs to get a holistic view

Unit Economics

Ensure and demonstrate the effectiveness of your services with precise unit metrics

Business Value

Focus on value, not just spend, to ensure your cloud strategy is driving strategic business outcomes

Software Cost

Optimize software and license spend in alignment with actual usage to reduce financial waste

Labour Cost

Clearly track and allocate labour costs for accurate budgeting and cost control

Vendor Cost

Get a clear understanding of which vendors support which applications