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The most intelligent approach to guaranteeing value from every application.

Have the transparency to understand your Application spend. Our TCO insights empower you to maximize efficiency, optimize your IT Landscape and communicate the value of your Applications across the business.

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​Ensure every application drives value, optimizes on costs and consistently aligns with your business objectives​


Uncover full lifecycle costs of your applications including hidden costs and have the transparency to communicate the costs across the business.



Rationalize your application portfolio, easily identify cost-saving areas, and make data-driven decisions.​



Monitor your application usage and performance and ensure your portfolio aligns with your business objectives. ​


Application Portfolio Rationalisation​​

Centralised view of application ecosystem to identify underutilized or redundant applications and make informed decisions around application retirement, acquisition and enhancement.

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Uncover Application Cost Drivers

Comprehensive view of full lifecycle costs of an application, uncover hidden costs and allocate shared/indirect costs.​

cost drivers

Align Applications with Business Strategy​

Streamline your application offering by ensuring spend aligns with Business/IT outcomes and use unit economics to communicate value.​


Connect the dots.

Drive value from Applications​​