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Adopting YäRKEN’s standard global digital technology framework enables the entire business to be ‘on the same page’ and have real-time reporting on where spend is occurring in IT. This enables business to optimise costs and shift spend to "grow the business" from "run the business".



If you are in IT senior leadership team you want to be on top of spend, ensure budgets are correct and overruns do not occur.

You need:

  • Trustworthy data for Transformation & Innovation
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Solid Preparation for the Future
Typically you are doing activities like:
  • Setting IT’s strategy and partnering with the business.
  • Communicating IT’s value to the business.
  • Keeping the executive team informed about the status of IT’s investments (run/grow/transform).
  • Reviewing IT’s performance and making adjustments.
  • Tracking IT’s financial performance (actuals/budget/forecast).
  • Holding IT Leaders accountable.
YäRKEN’s SaaS platform will enable you to:
  • Have an executive view of your key financial data.
  • View a summary of organization’s financial data with the option of drilling into details when desired.
  • Have insight into the ratio of fixed vs variable expenses across IT departments and the entire organization.
  • Costs are understandable and actionable.
  • Have quick visibility into what consumes your IT budget and what drives the consumption.
  • See a summarized expense view of the vendors who provide your organization with products and services.
  • Review spending trends for your strategic, preferred and transactional vendors.
  • Have the information you need to adjust vendor utilization and align it with the company's vision.
  • Easily hold your IT leadership accountable for vendor spending by utilizing defendable data.

Learn more about our products: 


YäRKEN Foundation

The easiest way to optimise digital spend and standardise reporting across IT and Business.


YäRKEN Advanced

Understand App TCO and your cost drivers to provide defensible showback spend to the wider business.