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Unlocking the
value of your data

YäRKEN enables businesses to continuously
achieve IT Cost Transparency.

The Platform

Our digital modelling platform enables transparency for IT spend and value metrics using the Technology Business Management (TBM) global best practice.

With YäRKEN, IT Spend becomes transparent and simplified enabling businesses to optimise their digital strategy. The YäRKEN platform provides a rapid setup with a user-friendly interface and no-code platform or lengthy training. Quickly analyse and understand what drives your IT spend and make better decisions on where your digital spend is occurring.


Technology Business Management (TBM)


Technology Business Management (TBM) is an IT framework that implements a standard taxonomy for IT spending. By integrating IT into overall business strategies, TBM allows companies to manage IT like a business.

Creating a common language between IT and Business is an integral part of TBM. IT and Finance leaders can align by identifying IT services, towers, and cost sources in a hierarchical way.


IT Cost Transparency

Cost transparency in IT refers to tracking how much it costs businesses to deliver and maintain IT services. Through cost optimisation, IT departments can support and achieve strategic initiatives while keeping control of expenditures.

A cost transparency journey begins with the optimisation of IT costs, which gives your company benefits and defensible data.

Transparency for your digital ecosystem
has never been this simple.




Seamless Implementation


Scalable Model


Customer-driven Roadmap

Explore our Products


YäRKEN Foundation

The easiest way to optimise digital spend and standardise reporting across IT and Business.


YäRKEN Advanced

Understand App TCO and your cost drivers to provide defensible showback spend to the wider business.


Agile Insights

Create Transparency around progress, scope changes and resulting financial impacts.


Cloud Business Lens

Moving beyond FinOps. See your Cloud spend clearly and get the right focus.