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Use in-built automations to efficiently allocate and optimize your IT spend.


Automate spend attribution with YäRKEN Designer

Use YäRKEN Designer to create and maintain automation rules to attribute spend across your IT ecosystem. Allocation rules are repeatable, streamlining the monthly maintenance process so you only deal with exceptions each month.


FOCUS and TBM aligned Cloud spend​ ​

Automatically align Cloud spend from various Cloud providers to FOCUS Service Categories and wider spec, using our FOCUS converter. 

FOCUS allows the categorisation of spend and usage data in an easily comparable, cloud-agnostic format, so you can make decisions regardless of your provider.


Optimize cloud spend with virtual tagging

Normalize tag drift and overcome non-compliance issues by virtually tagging your cloud resources using a number of dimensions in YäRKEN.

Optimize cloud

Insights delivered to your team​

Receive automated notifications to your messaging platform (Outlook, MS Teams, Slack) ensuring proactive management of IT expenses. 


Connect the dots.

Take Control of your IT spend.