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Seamlessly integrate YäRKEN into your existing IT ecosystem, connecting disparate spend sources and usage metrics.

Direct integration to AWS & Azure

Integrate with your preferred Cloud provider to ingest all cost and usage data in the cloud-native format.

Use FOCUS format to integrate spend to a cloud-agnostic view.

Cost Usage data can be ingested at a frequency of your choice (daily, weekly, monthly).

To facilitate planning and support business case creation, ingest your pricing estimator exports.


IT Assets and Asset Utilization

Set up custom IT Assets that align with your organisation by integrating ITAM, Applications, Teams and Project data.

Utilization data for these assets can be ingested from observability platforms.

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Multiple spend sources

Ingest spend from a range of sources across the organization including general ledger from Finance, employee timesheets from HR and vendor invoices and contracts from Procurement.

Combine spend sources to build up a fully costed picture of your IT environment



Receive Notifications and alerts to your messaging channel of choice.


Connect the dots.

Take Control of your IT spend.