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Analytics & Insights​

Carry out deep analysis and gain insights using a purpose-built platform with AI.

Analytics & Insights​

Alerts for irregular spend

Automatically detect irregularities in spending patterns. Gain immediate visibility into unexpected spikes or drops in costs, allowing for prompt investigation and resolution.

Create thresholds and alerts for spend across all dimensions.


Purpose-built analytics​

Built specifically for your domain, providing comprehensive insights across timelines, budgets, vendors, TBM and FinOps.

Reports can be created in 3 clicks – just pick your spend, visualization and dimensions – in an intuitive interface.

Whether you're focusing on applications, digital services, or consumers, our all-in-one solution brings unparalleled clarity and efficiency to your operations.

Purpose-built analytics

Optimize cloud spend with virtual tagging

Normalize tag drift and overcome non-compliance issues by virtually tagging your cloud resources using a number of dimensions in YäRKEN.

Drag and drop Dashboard


Leverage advanced language models for natural-language queries without having to investigate through dashboards.

Simplify complex data analysis with intuitive AI-driven interactions. AI analyses data and creates natural language identification of relevant events and recommendations.



YäRKEN collects recommendations across all your IT resources and assets to present a comprehensive view of your potential savings opportunities in one pane.

Manually add additional business-specific recommendations and prioritize optimization efforts to ensure maximum business impact and benefit.

Track opportunities and savings over time, allowing for continuous improvement and cost management.

Connect the dots.

Take Control of your IT spend.