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The most effortless way to take control of your cloud migration costs

Elevate your migration planning with our comprehensive solution. Effortlessly oversee your business case projections and goals while gaining valuable insights as you track expenditures and project value from the plan to build phase.


See Clearly, Spend Wisely: The Cloud Business Case Solution for Predictable Costs and Informed Choices.​​


Ensure your Cloud migrations align to your business objectives by estimating cost and outcomes. 



Ingest actual spend and non-spend outcome data throughout the run stage.



Compare actual to estimated costs and outcomes using insights and alerts. Be agile as conditions change.


Plan in a single pane of glass​

Estimate cloud and non-cloud costs in a single view.Plan for value outcomes up-front to align investments to objectives.Compare multiple business cases.

Cost Estimates

Monitor from Build to Run​

Post migration monitoring of costs and benefits against business case estimates to ensure investment is delivering expected value. Insights to quickly identify any abnormalities and refine strategy.


Ensure Value Delivery​​

Look beyond just cost. Set key objectives for each business case and monitor value delivery throughout the run phase.


Connect the dots.

Streamline your Cloud Business Case Process