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Effortlessly manage your platform expenses with the most intuitive solution​

Make informed investment decisions with total transparency across your cloud, mainframe, and hybrid environments by including platform, project, software, and support costs.


Gain clarity on your platform spend and ensure maximum ROI on every dollar spent​


Uncover the true cost of your platform by incorporating shared and hidden costs.​



Optimize for rate and performance through monitoring cost and usage.



Maximize ROI and strategically plan to ensure your platform solutions align with your business objectives.


Centralized spend management across all platforms​

Gain comprehensive insight into your hosting platforms - whether you're using public/private cloud, multi-cloud, mainframe, Unix-based systems, servers, or hybrid environments - with our centralized cost management solution.

Align with industry best-practice frameworks through TBM and FinOps. Normalize spend to ensure comparability across all hosting platforms, enabling you to make data-driven investment decisions with confidence.


multi provider

Uncover your hidden platform costs​​

Supplement platform costs with all your supporting costs to truly grasp the TCO of your platforms.

Bring together direct costs like software, hardware and data center, for each platform. YäRKEN allows you to distribute shared costs (e.g. security and compliance) and hidden costs (e.g. labor) to each platform to ensure no costs are overlooked.


Unit Economics for Key Workloads​​​

Measure and compare the costs of different workloads, enabling better budgeting and cost management.

Usage metrics can be ingested from multiple sources (e.g. SCRT, Cloud cost & usage reports) and used to calculate the unit cost of workloads.

Having unit costs (e.g. Cost per MSU, cost per TB) in a standardized format allows easy comparison and tracking against pre-defined targets and benchmarks.

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Connect the dots.

Streamline your Cloud expenses effortlessly​