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YäRKEN's Platform TCO Management focuses on providing detailed insights into mainframe costs, helping businesses manage and optimize their legacy systems effectively.


Data center cost, mainframe cost, software cost

 YäRKEN breaks down costs into data center, mainframe, and software expenses, offering a clear view of all mainframe-related expenditures.
Ingest All Data

Distribution using SCRT by aligning to applications

YäRKEN uses Sub-Capacity Reporting Tool (SCRT) data to distribute mainframe costs by aligning them with specific applications, ensuring accurate cost attribution.

Supplement with app-specific costs

YäRKEN supplements mainframe costs with application-specific expenses, providing a comprehensive understanding of all costs.

Usage and outcome tracking, Unit costs

YäRKEN tracks usage and outcomes for mainframe operations, delivering unit cost analysis to help businesses optimize their mainframe investments.

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