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Gain instant transparency and actionable insights with YäRKEN's pre-defined, self-serve IT spend reporting and integrated dashboards.


Out-of-the-box cost transparency​

Spend transparency and ability to report on multiple dimensions using TBM and FinOps methodologies. 

Pre-defined dashboards and reports available for quick insights. Industry standard reports are available without the need for customization. 

Reports to track spend against budget and prior year for proactive spend management.


Empower Your Team with Self-Serve IT Spend Reporting

YäRKEN is your centralised platform for reporting on all IT spend.

Self-serve reporting for users across the organization to independently explore data and create custom reports.

Collaborate by sharing reports amongst team members and commenting on dashboards.


Go beyond cost to drive value delivery

Scrutinizing cost without understanding outcomes can lead to inefficiencies in delivery. 

can be monitored in YäRKEN to help ensure value delivery. OKR’s and KPI’s 

Reports that overlay cost and usage help you understand and explain differences in spend 

YäRKEN reports on unit costs based on real usa


Integrated reporting 

YäRKEN supports Chargeback reports which can be integrated with your ERP. Charge the cost of your IT services to consumers in a simple streamlined process

Integrated reporting

Connect the dots.

Take Control of your IT spend.