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Use YäRKEN's powerful TBM and FinOps rule engine to align tech spend and usage to your business domain and objectives.


Create flexible allocation rules

YäRKEN Designer’s rules engine provides the flexibility to create complex cost allocation rules within a user-friendly interface. From simple assumptive percentages to consumption-based splits using real usage data, you can allocate spend across your applications, products, and service offerings for enhanced cost transparency and financial insights

Drive more accurate and granular cost allocations by assigning costs to individual IT assets. 

With features like Cost Explorer and Unallocated Cost Reports, you can continually iterate and refine your model ensuring precise financial management.


Align costs to business objectives

Model your costs against your business objectives to ensure value realization.

Utilize usage metrics from across the IT ecosystem to allocate spend more accurately across your applications and IT assets.

Track who consumes IT service offerings and at what rate, ensuring accurate cost allocation to end users and consumers.

This approach ensures that your IT investments are closely aligned with your strategic goals, driving better business outcomes.


Designed for your organization

Define your organization structure using accounts, cost centers, features, applications, Digital Services, Business Units, Customers, and Business Processes.

Support more granular reporting and cost modelling by allocating spend to these structures.

Designed for ORG

Alignment to best practise frameworks

Leverage the Technology Business Management (TBM) framework for IT cost transparency and value optimization.

Optimize cloud financial management using FinOps to achieve collaborative analysis and decision-making, enhancing value delivery.

Both frameworks are supported by YäRKEN out of the box – FinOps for cloud and TBM for all IT spend.


Connect the dots.

Take Control of your IT spend.