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YäRKEN's Cloud TCO Management solution provides comprehensive insights into cloud infrastructure costs, helping businesses optimize their spending and resource allocation.


Ingest cloud spend, multiple provider

YäRKEN can aggregate cloud spend data from multiple providers, ensuring a unified view of all cloud-related expenses.
multi provider

Supplement cloud spend with Labor and licenses

YäRKEN integrates labor and licensing costs with cloud spending, offering a complete picture of all expenditures.

Attribute spend to applications, Business Processes, and partners, BU and customers:

With YäRKEN, businesses can attribute cloud costs to specific applications, business processes, partners, business units, and customers, facilitating precise cost management.
Designed for ORG

Usage and outcome tracking, Unit costs

YäRKEN tracks cloud usage and outcomes, providing unit cost analysis to help businesses evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of their cloud investments.
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