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Public service cutbacks: NZ startup YäRKEN primed to help.

Discover how YäRKEN, an innovative software startup from Auckland, is revolutionizing IT spend management. Aligning with New Zealand's goal to reduce public service spending, YäRKEN's platform is making waves in the digital and cloud management space.

The article dives into how:

  • The platform helps organisations optimize their IT spend, supporting NZ's goal of reducing public service spending by 6.5%.

  • It addresses the financial management challenges of increased digitization and cloud migration.

  • YäRKEN has proven effective in saving substantial IT costs for significant entities like the NZDF.

  • The company is expanding through strategic partnerships and pilot projects with government departments and global organisations.

  • The platform enhances transparency and efficiency in IT spending, integrating AI and real-time alerts for better decision-making.

Read the full story on how YäRKEN is transforming how organisations view and optimise their IT spend to achieve better business outcomes:  Public service cutbacks: NZ startup Yarken primed to help - NZ Herald