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YäRKEN wins Pitch Perfect at the Financial Services Conference 2022

YäRKEN was one of the winners at Pitch Perfect during the Financial Services Conference in Auckland on September 21st. The audience voted for their top 2 pitches and the judges finalised their decision based on the following criteria: relevance to the industry, content of the presentation, X-factor, presentation quality, and ability to deliver on its promise.

YäRKEN CEO Ravi Kuppan says “New Zealand government and businesses spend $41 million on IT every day. Our mission is to help New Zealand companies to become IT Financially literate by having the data they need to make better decisions, spend wisely, show value and be accountable. Understanding just 5% of our NZ IT spend in business services means we could unlock over half a billion that could be re-invested into growing businesses.

The company was also an exhibitor at the Tech Alley space during the two days of the Conference sharing with NZ leaders, sector stakeholders and industry professionals its innovative products such as YäRKEN Foundation, which help companies to optimise digital spend, vendors and standardised reporting between IT and Finance, and YäRKEN Advanced, that supports business leaders to understand Application Total Cost of Ownership through defensible cost drivers that help identify optimisation opportunities to scale up, reduce cost or better manage consumption.

pitchperfectFrom left to right: Michael Rentschler (Head of Product), Hiran Patel (Business Analyst), Patricia Furlan (Marketing Executive), Tatum Evans (Product Designer) and Ravi Kuppan (CEO and Co-Founder).